How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy SIII

If you read my guide on rooting the S3 then you might want to know how to unroot your device if you need to have it repaired under warranty, or if your get tired of the custom ROM you are using. Luckily has the answer! They list specific examples and have video instructions on removing the root access, and they even give you the instructions to reset the binary so that there is no way to trace your rooting activity!

If you followed my instructions before your going to be in for a little shock because to unroot you do use ODIN. It is relatively simple to use and the videos on Galaxys3root makes it super simple as long as you pick the correct version of SIII that you have. The only additional step is to relock your bootloader if you have a Verizon version of the S3 through the same EZ-Lock app that is in the rooting app (just click lock in the app). From there you can reset the binary if you so choose, and then boot the s3 into recovery mode with your computer (detailed instructions in the video). then a quick factory reset and your as good a new! Keep in mind you will want to backup your device with an app like Titanium backup so you dont lose your files. You may also want to backup your clockwork mod (or other) boot recovery before hand if you haven’t already just in case you run into problems.

The whole unroot process took me about a half an hour including watching the video and downloading the files. It was very easy and it all executed very smoothly, this is definitely a great tool to keep in mind if you have a warrantied S3.


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