Otterbox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy SIII

If you read the best rugged cases for the SIII then you already know about otterboxe’s defender series. However for some people the bulkiness of them defender may be a turn off, luckily otterbox offers a solution for that as well! Say hello to the Otterbox Commuter Series.


The Commuter Series is a slim and tough protective case made of a durable silicone mid-layer and a one-piece, custom-molded polycarbonate shell. Its smooth finish allows it so slide easily in and out of pockets. This case provides added protection against scratches, bumps, and shock. Compatible With Samsung Galaxy S3 (all carriers)


This is a great case for those who want to use their own screen protector with the SIII, and still get the protection that Otterbox offers. The case is cheaper than the defender series as well starting at $20.39 and comes in a slick looking glacier white which looks great against the white SIII.